Introducing Alena Menshykava, Privateum Global’s New CEO: Leading the Future of Digital Finance

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We are excited to announce that Alena Menshykava has been appointed  as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Privateum Global.

As CEO, Alena will drive Privateum Global’s progress by accelerating growth, securing strategic partnerships, fostering innovation, and expanding its ecosystem globally.


Alena Menshykava is an experienced product leader with a strong focus on finance and fintech. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in digital product management, she has successfully led and launched a diverse range of products for different markets.

Alena is dedicated to putting customers first and has prioritized user-friendly design principles throughout her career. She believes in empathetic innovation, striving to understand and address users’ unique needs in the finance sector.

As a global leader, Alena has effectively managed diverse teams across regions, promoting collaboration to drive product excellence. She excels in creating an inclusive work environment that empowers teams to innovate and achieve outstanding results.

Throughout her career, Alena has been recognized for her ability to solve complex challenges and deliver solutions that enhance user experiences. She is committed to leveraging her expertise and passion for fintech to drive meaningful innovation in digital finance.

Alena’s appointment marks an exciting new chapter for Privateum Global, emphasizing a commitment to advancing digital finance through innovative solutions. With her expertise and vision, Alena is well-positioned to lead Privateum Global into its next phase of growth. Her deep understanding of the finance industry and passion for fintech will drive Privateum Global to new levels of success in the evolving digital economy.

Stay tuned for exciting developments under Alena’s leadership! 

Please join us in welcoming Alena Menshykava as our new CEO.

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