Certik Honors Privateum Global (PRI) Token as Top 10% Secure Project in Web3 Space

Privateum Global (PRI) Token has received the Top 10% Security Score Honor on Certik, a renowned blockchain security firm that specializes in smart contract audits and blockchain security solutions

Privateum Global (PRI) Token: Your Investment Security is our Top Priority

This is a notable achievement for the platform, as it attests to the robust security measures that have been implemented and tested by Certik’s team of security experts.

The Top 10% Security Score honor is awarded to projects that rank among the top 10% of all supported Web3 projects in terms of security. This signifies that Privateum Global PRI Token has established stringent security protocols, such as advanced encryption technology and state-of-the-art security measures, to guarantee the protection of user data and assets.

Receiving the Top 10% Security Score honor on Certik is a significant milestone for Privateum Global (PRI) Token, highlighting the platform’s unwavering dedication to security.

The honor provides users with confidence in the platform’s security measures, ensuring the safeguarding of their assets against potential threats. As the Web3 space expands, Privateum Global is poised to emerge as a leading provider of secure platforms for its users.

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